How to Balance Worship and Entertainment

By Hayley Panagakis, June 27, 2017

4. Pay attention to differing opinions.

A part of being mindful to different worship styles is listening to all opinions brought forth by your team. Rather than discounting an opposing opinion, engage it. What’s driving the opinion or feedback? What can be done about it? How can you use this perspective to make the service better? Having a team made up of different viewpoints is key to avoiding distraction in worship.

5. Use worship to strengthen your message.

The songs included in a set list should be relevant to those in the crowd and point them toward their creator. Don’t lose sight of your goal of engaging people where they are in order to create an opportunity for them to connect with God.

6. Listen to audience feedback.

Whether it’s done via social media or word-of-mouth, feedback is essential to determining “success” in worship—it’s tough to measure otherwise. Pay attention to what songs are requested most often and note when videos are requested online. This kind of feedback reveals the worship team was able to get attendees in the right headspace for worship.

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