How to Save Money on Floral Designs

How to Save Money on Floral Designs

By Leigh Harper, January 13, 2017

How do floral designers charge clients typically?

It depends on the organization and what they prefer. For corporate events, it’s usually the cost of the flowers plus an hourly or daily rate, depending on the scope of the event. I’ve had faith-based organizations pay me a set hourly fee, and others have asked for an invoice. I charge more for massive installations when I have to bring in labor, so that’s a factor too.


Any pet peeves you notice with your designer eye?

It drives me crazy to see leaves in vases or floating in water. I also notice if floral foam is visible. Little details like that can take away from the design if you’re not careful.


What advice would you give to a planner who doesn’t have a budget to hire a floral designer but wants to add flowers using in-house help?

Installations make the biggest impact in a larger space. Hang greenery from the ceiling and walls. Think of creative ways to display flowers instead of just vases. Also think about more intimate spaces, like restrooms, where you can add something natural to make it feel special.



Flower Trends for 2017

Baby’s breath
Tight, rounded, structured bouquets
Calla lilies
Artificially dyed flowers


Neutral colors
Free-flowing, natural bouquets



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