Top 7 FAQs From an Event Tech Company

By Mike Stengel, February 25, 2016

Any experienced planner knows the four-letter word that can save the day during audiovisual emergencies: PSAV. The global event technology company serves approximately 1.5 million meetings annually and is hired by an average of 1,100 meeting planners and event organizers—each day! Many of these events consist of multiple meetings and breakout rooms, in addition to large general sessions. It’s no surprise the PSAV team gets a ton of questions. But what may surprise you are their answers. To save you the legwork, here are one in-house expert’s answers to some top FAQs.

1. How can I make my speakers feel more comfortable onstage? 

Use simple event technology solutions. This can include confidence monitors (displays that sit on the floor facing the stage so the speaker can see themselves on screen, and/or notes and a timer), rear projection (so no one in the audience walks in front of the screen content), proper lighting to help evoke attention (avoiding massive amounts of color) and quality audio so the messaging can be heard clearly. Also have a technician in the room to operate technology and be available to immediately address any last-minute changes.

2. How can I eliminate the need for paper agendas and solve challenges with schedule changes?

Stop dragging your feet and go digital! All meeting content can be made available to your attendees in a digital format through mobile apps and digital signage. Also, as long as your event app is on the participants’ devices, you can communicate with them through push notifications. Webcasting, Web archiving and recording allows you to offer all your content to those unable to attend as well.

3. How much Internet bandwidth do I need for my attendees to stay efficiently connected?  

The best way to figure out how much bandwidth you need is by using a bandwidth calculator provided at, which is based on the number of attendees and what they will be doing online. Make sure to ask for bandwidth reporting as you conduct events so you can build your own more accurate profile over time.

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