The Flashpoint (April 7 Edition)

By Rejuvenate Staff, April 7, 2014

Houston First Corp. and the Greater Houston CVB is forming a strategic partnership. The definition of the partnership has not been detailed, and it is unclear whether such a partnership would require staff reorganization.

The Quad-Cities area could see as many as 1,100 additional hotel rooms coming soon as several hotel projects have been announced. In a mix of new hotel development and existing renovations, the area is a microcosm of the hotel industry as a whole, according to some. The Great Recession seems to have ended for the industry.

Louisiana is rapidly becoming a leader in public-private partnerships. The state provides either funding or rebates via tax incentives or the use of public land for private development. Hotels, malls and other developments are taking advantage of the state’s policies.

Marriott plans to build up to 30 new hotels across South Africa by 2020. After buying out Protea Hospitality, Marriott plans to build hotels across the continent as well as in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Don't let your engagement with your audience be finished when your last session concludes. Here are five ways to keep the communication flowing year-round.

Though the concept was introduced more than 50 years ago, skywalks still retain a bit of a space-age quality. Some of America’s 21st-century skywalk

John Killacky of Bartha shares production highlights from supporting the Church of the Nazarene’s Quadrennial 10-day General Assembly.

We're sharing highlights of Barna Group's extensive study on the beliefs and lifestyles of Millennial Jews, which was released this week.

Stumped trying to plan a menu for teens? Tracy Stuckrath of Thrive! Meetings & Events shares her go-to tips for feeding Generation Z.

Before Connect Faith happens Oct. 24 - 26 at Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, familiarize yourself with the city. You're going to love it!

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