Job Tips: 5 Emails You Should Be Sending

By Rejuvenate Staff, March 14, 2014

How are you New Year’s resolutions going? Have you made your bed every day or kept your inbox uncluttered? Rather than attempting a major undertaking that requires more time than you have, try taking small steps to improve yourself. Wired columnist and blogger Eric Barker shared five ways to better your life and your career—all with a tap of the “send” button. Here are five emails you should be sending and why.

1. Every morning, send a friend, family member or co-worker an email to say thanks for something. There is a ton of research showing that over time, sending one silly email a day can make you happier.

2. At the end of the week, send your boss an email that sums up what you’ve accomplished. They likely have no idea what you’re accomplishing on a daily basis, and will come to rely on this. It’s another opportunity to demonstrate your value and prove your worth.

3. Once a week, email a potential mentor. It doesn’t even have to be someone related to your job, just someone you admire and could learn from.

4. Email a good friend and make plans. Research says staying in touch every two weeks keeps friendships alive. (Facebook doesn’t count.)

5. Send an email to someone you know (but not well) and check in. Those “weak ties” are the primary source of future career opportunities. All those business cards you collected at your last event? Put them to good use and strike up some new conversations.

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