The Flashpoint (May 28 Edition)

By Rejuvenate Staff, May 28, 2014

Mobile Bay named Al Hutchinson as its new president and CEO. Hutchinson—formerly the vice president of convention sales and services at the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau—is coming home of sorts as he’s a graduate of the University of Alabama.

Accor Hotels agreed to buy hotels throughout Europe in a deal worth around $1.23 billion. In an effort to boost its real estate holdings, the company looked to Western Europe, particularly the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Are AirBnb and Uber bad for the economy? That’s what one writer argues, and he has some points. The lack of regulation and oversight built into the traditional hotel and taxi market makes for cheaper options—sometimes, anyway—but they might not be good for the economy as a whole.

The U.S. hotel industry should enjoy the summer, according to a report by STR. Average daily rates should rise four percent while occupancy should top 71 percent for the summer months.

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Rebecca Crownover, a popular keynote speaker, discusses her family’s journey depicted in “My Daddy Is in Heaven.”

A recent report from The Experience Institute confirms that conference attendees are acting more and more like vacationers.

International relationships take time to develop. Try these tricks the next time you’re working with exhibitors or suppliers from abroad.

Corbin Bernsen, star of “My Daddy Is in Heaven,” discusses his journey to spiritual filmmaking.

Learn the ins and outs of negotiating banquets and catering costs.

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