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VISIT Lake Geneva Names Stephanie Klett New President & CEO

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Judi Quesonova, CMP, CTA, Celebrates Milestone at Visit Houston

Creating a Brighter Future for Everyone

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If Variety Were a Place, It Would be Birmingham

Key West Hotelier Honored for Hurricane Recovery Efforts

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Millennial Jews Place High Value on Faith, Reports Barna

Q&A with Nick Fish of American Atheists, Inc.

Barna Group’s Bill Denzel on the State of Faith in America

Advanced Hotel Negotiations, From the Hotel Side

Winston-Salem 2.0

Need-to-Read Books for Fall

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Modesty is Fashionable at ModLi

2017 Culture Shapers: The Empowerer, Chianti Cleggett

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Introducing the 2017 Culture Shapers

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Extend Engagement Beyond the Conference

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Perfecting the All-Important BEO Process

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Blending and Balancing Faith and Work

How to Cultivate a Team of Social Influencers

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6 New Ways to Be More Efficient at Work

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7 Deadly Sins of Planning a Conference

How to Make the Most of Travel Downtime

How to Use Google+ Hangouts On Air

8 Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Top 7 FAQs From an Event Tech Company

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Breaking Down Dietary Restrictions

10 Marketplace Takeaways on Branding Your Faith-Based Organization

How to Integrate Multicultural Worship Into Your Event

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5 Steps to a Greener Meeting

The Formatting Change You Need to Know

How to Track Event Hashtags

4 Tips for Selling Your Event to a Hotel

Planning for a Multilingual Event

Embrace the Smartphone

Increase Production Value on Any Budget

How to Encourage Peace Between Generations

How to Prevent a Volunteer Fail

How to Find the Perfect Sponsors

How to Avoid Hotel Rate Piracy

How to Become an Industry Thought Leader

How to Amp Up Your Event With Disruptive Marketing

How to Attend an Event as an Event Planner

3 Ways to Create a VIP Experience for Media

Court Venture Capitalist Dollars

How It Works: Podcasting

How to Be Your Own Boss

How to Leverage PR to Grow Your Event

5 New Rules for Surveying Attendees

How to Activate Sponsorships

7 Ways to Stay Organized with Evernote

5 Steps to Build a Blogger Network

3 New Rules for a Risk Management Plan

5 Steps to Launch a Movement

5 Ways to Maximize ROI

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5 Ways to Get More for Your Money at Meetings

4 Questions You Need to Ask to Tell Your Conference Story

9 Ways to Save Money on Event Video

5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Non-Professional Event Speaker

How to Diversify the Speaker Lineup

6 Tips to Plan an Introvert-Friendly Event

How to Gather and Use Attendee Info

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Live-Blog a Conference

How to Plan for an International Audience

4 Tips for Planning a Multigenerational Event

How to Start a Blog

How to Get Your App in Stores

What to Do When Technology Fails

How to Data Mine Your Event

5 Ways to Maximize a Speaker’s Time

6 Ways to Use Food as Fuel for Meetings

How to Keep Crashers Out

6 Steps to Plan a Productive Networking Break

Lessons on Leadership: Learning to Delegate

3 Steps to Finding the Right Event Photographer

5 Ways to Keep Food Costs Down

How to Pick the Right Food Truck

Create a Social Media Policy


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Trendy Meets Affordable in Gulfport, Mississippi

Columbus, Ohio, on the Catwalk

Actor Josh Duhamel Gives North Dakota Tourism a Boost

Washington, D.C., Metro’s Many Changes

Get Lost at The Inn at Serenbe

Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center Opens

Dallas/Fort Worth Suburbs Primed for Events

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3 Memphis Musts

Great Wolf Lodge Adds New Locations to Portfolio

Site Visit: Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Sister Property Hyatt House

Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Old Town

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The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch

The Westin Denver International Airport

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Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

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Denver Is Taking the “A” Train

Destination Report: Looking Beyond Atlanta

Rocky Top Rising: Knoxville

5 Ways to Explore GulfQuest

Now Open: Noah’s Ark

Teams Are Digging Extreme Sandbox

Site Visit: Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook

National Christian College Athletic Association: Keen on Kissimmee

Portofino Island Resort Welcomes Large Events

A Food Renaissance in Des Moines, Iowa

San Jose Marriott Readies for Super Bowl 50

Site Visit: Gatlinburg Convention Center

Courtyard Muncie Paves the Way for People With Special Needs

Alabama Shakes It! City Spotlight on Birmingham

For Charlotte, It’s Easy Being Green

Site Visit: Madison Building

A New Dawn in Myrtle Beach

Site Visit: Knibbe Ranch

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Popular in Fall, Gatlinburg Also a Draw for Youth Events

Site Visit: Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

Site Visit: KI Convention Center

Site Visit: Perdido Beach Resort

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Site Visit: Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel

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Westgate River Ranch Resort

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Mission Point Resort

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The Art of Living Retreat Center

Embassy Suites Myrtle Beach

June 2015: In the Works

Legoland Hotel Is Now Open

Epworth By The Sea

Site Visit: Embassy Suites Tuscaloosa

Spotlight: Oklahoma City

Baltimore’s New Experiential Program

Coastal Charm in Hampton, Virginia

Equestrian-Inspired Venues in Lexington

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Case Study: Aldersgate Ministries Conference in Lexington

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Fort Collins, Colorado

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A Millennial’s View on Millennials and the Church

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Paris, Je T’aime

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Power to the People

DeskHub: A Low-Cost Alternative for Faith-Based Planners?

Comeback Cities

Planners Wield Green Power

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Going Local

9 Signs Cupid Was a Meeting Planner

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The Stuff No One Talks About

Lake Erie Shores & Island’s Winning Art Piece

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Push the Value of Meetings

Promoting Diversity in Our Churches

Food as Art

The Great Debate

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The Positive Side of Doubt

Getting Buy-In

Use These Trends

Inclusion Is Always the Way to Go

Trust Me

Making a Difference

7 AV Strategies You Must Know

Working Smarter

Pioneering the Next Stage

Mission No. 1: Safety


American Alliance of Museums Combines Annual Meeting With D.C.’s Museum Week

Zika Virus Gives Meeting Planners Some Pause

Penn State’s Thon Event Raises $9.77 Million

Hilton Tries to Entice Planners to Book Early

Commercial Flights to Cuba Approved

Marriott to Buy Starwood in Blockbuster Deal

Church of Pentecost U.S.A. Gathers in Providence for Easter Sunday

Billboard Chart Changes Mean Shift for Artists

America’s Bible-Minded Cities

Pastor Creflo Dollar Criticized Over Private Plane Fundraiser

Indiana Loses First Event Over New Law and More Could Follow


Starwood Making News With Moves

Expedia Mergers Shake Up Online Travel Industry

Santa Clara Fights to Buy Back Convention Center

Hotel Rates on the Rise

U.S. Travel Chief Touts Industry’s “Dynamism”

Despite the Snow, the Shows Go on in Boston

INSIDER SERIES | The Future of Meetings

President Obama and Dalai Lama Attend National Prayer Breakfast

Should Planners Be Pumped About Cheap Gas Prices?

The Future of Free Hotel Wi-Fi

IBM’s Watson Is Blazing a Travel-Planning Trail

Detroit Turns to Meetings as City Officially Emerges from Bankruptcy

Bible Museum Coming to D.C.

Midterm Election Results Could Bode Well for Travel Industry

How Apple’s Latest Releases Will Affect Meetings

Business as Usual for Meetings and Events Despite Ebola Fears

Chicago Tops List as No. 1 Meetings Destination

Marriott to Pay $600,000 Wi-Fi Jamming Fine

The Flashpoint: Bradenton, Florida, Moving Ahead on Convention Center Hotel

U.S. Leads the Pack in Fodor’s Annual Best Hotels List

The Flashpoint: Kansas City CVA Changes Name to Visit KC

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Expansion Approved

Batkid’s Story to Become a Documentary

Rosen Hotels Turns 40

CVB’s Faith in Phoenix Team Welcomes Religious Planners

Seattle Marriott Completes Meeting Spaces

$38 Million Expansion Underway at Boise Centre

Bayview Plaza Opens at Florida’s Emerald Coast Convention Center

Universal Orlando to Add Fifth Hotel to Resort in 2016

4 Observations from WEC 2014

CIC and Social Tables Partner on Planning App

Atlanta Sees a $70 Million Upgrade to Westin Peachtree Plaza

National Civil Rights Museum Adds Interactive Features

Long Beach Convention Center Completes Renovation

Hilton Burlington Renovations Update Meeting Space

Rejuvenate Wins Four Azbee Awards

CYNY Events and Clothing Benefit Rescued Trafficking Victims

Riverside Convention Center Renovation Complete

DFW Airports Opens Group Zone

Why Cleveland?

The Flashpoint: CIC and Social Tables Debut Free Event Planning App

The Flashpoint: Cleveland Selected as Host City for 2016 RNC

The Flashpoint: It’s Down to Cleveland and Dallas for the RNC

Baltimore Reinvents the Wheel to Clean Harbor

Mobile Bay Hosts First U.S. World Leisure Congress

The Flashpoint: Who’s the Mississippi Gulf Coast New Executive Director?

The Flashpoint (June 9 Edition)

New Site Allows Travelers to Hold Flights

What’s America’s Most Religious City?

A Turnaround for Detroit?

Marriott Launches Meetings Imagined Platform

Ticketleap Launches Selfie-Based Ticketing System

Major Convention Hotels Springing Up Nationwide

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Marriott Opens Largest Hotel in D.C., Hits Milestone

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MPI Airs National Commercial

The Flashpoint (January 6 Edition)

Q&A: How Volunteers Helped Batkid Save San Francisco

Real Refreshment Retreats Expands Internationally

What Event Planners Can Learn from Amazon

6 Social Media Tips for Event Planners

Focus at IMEX America on Technology, Advocacy

Hyatt Buys The Peabody Orlando

Companies Respond to International Travel Alerts

Funding for Oregon Convention Center Hotel in Flux

Post-recession meetings are leaner, more strategic

Meeting Planning Named Top Job

Meetings to Remain Constant In 2013

London, Singapore Among Top International Meeting Spots

Marriott Buys Gaylord Properties

QuickMobile Launches New App


City Guides